Conical Reducers
90° Elbows
90° Elbows with Tangents

45° Elbows
45° Elbows with Tangents

4-Way Crosses
Unequal Tees
Unequal 4-Ways Crosses

KF 90°Elbows
KF Tees
KF 4-Way Crosses

KF Unequal Tees
ISO Full Nipples
ISO 90° Elbows

ISO Tees
ISO 4-Way Crosses
CF Nipples-Fixed

CF Nipples-1 Flange Rotatable
CF90° Elbows-Fixed
CF90° Elbows-Rotatable

CF Tees-Fixed
CF Tees-2 Flanges Rotatable
CF 4 Way Crosses-Fixed

CF 4 Way Crosses-Fixed
CF 4 Way Crosses-2 Flanges Rotatable